Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spinning Roulette!

Just like in game shows, to try their luck and to control the money that they could get, they have to spin the wheel of fortune so fast and wishing to stop in the jackpot or to the highest number of prices. Like you are into gambling. Speaking of gambling, just like in casino there is this wheel, but not totally as a "big wheel" that you can see in the game shows, it's what you called Roulette. It's a French word meaning "small wheel." The Roulette contains, numbers and you have to place your token to the numbers that you want to bet to. I'm not pretty sure with this game because I haven't been inside the casinos. However, I do play online Roulette! That is why I'm familiar with the game. Wishing someday I could go visit the real casinos (but I need to have much pocket money to play with as of the moment, I am enjoying the free online casino games installed in my computer. Yeah!


online casino roulette said...

Over 80% of them don’t really get what they were hoping for due to the lack of roulette strategy and proper approach towards the game