Thursday, June 24, 2010

How many nights a week do you go out?

Night life - this is what we describe if someone or you always go out and hang out with your friends at night. You do activities that you can kill the boredom. However how many nights in a week, do you go out?

Student's Life

They said that you can do and have fun when you are still a student. Spending a day in school doesn't means that you can do anything you want. Aside from having fun with your classmates and talking with your close friends in school is not enough because you have limitations to do things inside the campus. And that's when the idea of hanging out after class occurs. "Hey, what will you do after class?" typical question that a friend will ask to you. And you will answer like "at home doing homework and after that surfing the Internet." Yeah, I' am so thankful that there is this Internet connection when you have one in your own room. Because it can makes you stay at home and do whatever you want. Interact with your friends through social networking sites or have a chat conference over the instant messenger or watch movies online.

"I go out 2-3 nights a week, especially if we have school group projects to finish. However, as much as possible, I would like to stay at home and do the school project during school time." - Jenny,16.

Career Woman

How many nights does a career woman go out at night?
"It depends, if someone has to celebrate like a promotion or a sale performance in the office, we go out at night. However it doesn't means that we will stay up late. We still need to go at home at the right time, because we have work in tomorrow. Just be responsible." Faye,23

Usually, career woman does go out once a week and that is every weekend or Friday night after work. Just to stay away from the stress and to have fun of course after a week of work. However, there are some career woman, who does not go out. Shopping or window shopping can take away from their stress.

"Going out with my friends every weekend is fun! I still have to balance my career and my night life. However not only that, I also not spend too much money just to have fun. Simple eat out with friends and chit chat with them in our favorite grilled restaurant will do. I watched out for my budget. =)" Emma,24

More or less we go out 3 nights. Except from the ladies out there work at the nightshift.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gossip, Gossip where do you get yours?

Girls, what do you get when you are into gossip? You talking behind the back of a person, and telling things that are not true or not proven that she or he is like that. Almost all the rumors are lied or exaggerated, distorted versions of truth. Usually, the gossip that talk about things that never happened, jumping to false conclusions interpretations of the actions, or something quote was not said. These falsehoods or half-truths can be harmful to someone's reputation as a false picture of the true personality of the victim.

Without a finger pointing at his face, whispered about is like being falsely accused. It can lead to very painful emotions such as:

• Loss of confidence among people who have always had great respect for others.
• Pain and confusion about being a victim, for reasons one usually does not know or understand these feelings.
• A feeling of helplessness because rumormongers always done behind the person, and the roots of gossip are often difficult to trace.
• Can be gossip abo
ut at least irritating and frustrating, at best, can make someone think of leaving their loved ones or even end your life!
• Very often, even after a rumor has been debunked, the damage is already done.

What hurts more is that gossip can ruined friendship between you and your best friend or with your friends.

Why there is gossiping?

Gossip appears when someone you had conflict with. These are the common reasons:

• Revenge - if someone wants to get back to you.
• Envy - maybe because they don't have what you have and that is why they keep on gossiping you.
• Lack of Self-esteem - creating issues to you, because they don't have the attention that you has.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What song, plays in your head when you're walking down the street?

Every time I'm walking down to street going to school the song that always play in my head is the song "Solo" by Iyaz. It always plays in radio stations and even children in the streets can sing that. Thus I really like the video of this song and it suits me every time I walk alone. ♪♫

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Tweets

About my blog.
We all know that there is this site called twitter where you can shout out or share what are you doing right now and share what are your thoughts and etc. In this blog, I will share more on issues. I can't say it right now. I just signed up here. Honestly, I'm really excited to write in this blog. Where I can tweets more that just one sentence. ☺