Friday, July 30, 2010

When Black comes to Jack: Online Blackjack

Play free online blackjack game for as long as you want. Blackjack is a game that probably has its origins in the 16th century French work ième blackjack (20 and 1), hence its other name "21."

Blackjack has simple game rules and you will not find a hard time getting familiarize with the cards if you know how to play some of the cards games.

Since, not all are into card games, you can play other online casino games.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Never Go To Bed Angry

You know the song, "Mad" by Neyo. I like the lyrics of the song and my most favorite line is that " I don't want to go to bed, mad at you.. and I don't want you to go to bed, mad at me..." I hate the feeling that going to bed when you mad to someone, as much as possible, I have to fix the problem to have good night sleep.

As the cultivation of mushrooms in a dark, damp forest, anger sprouts contempt fledged overnight. Something about the long hours, race seems dark malice. Each tick of the clock is intensified fury of the night. Anger is a natural human emotion, but left more quickly, can cause serious damage to a relationship.

Do not take your anger to bed with you. Do not let bitterness escalate until it does last damage. Talk openly with your partner about the subject matter. Then forgive and do so quickly. Otherwise, it will be even harder in the morning.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spinning Roulette!

Just like in game shows, to try their luck and to control the money that they could get, they have to spin the wheel of fortune so fast and wishing to stop in the jackpot or to the highest number of prices. Like you are into gambling. Speaking of gambling, just like in casino there is this wheel, but not totally as a "big wheel" that you can see in the game shows, it's what you called Roulette. It's a French word meaning "small wheel." The Roulette contains, numbers and you have to place your token to the numbers that you want to bet to. I'm not pretty sure with this game because I haven't been inside the casinos. However, I do play online Roulette! That is why I'm familiar with the game. Wishing someday I could go visit the real casinos (but I need to have much pocket money to play with as of the moment, I am enjoying the free online casino games installed in my computer. Yeah!

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Friend Means...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Forgive Others

They said "forgive your enemies but never forget their names" new statement nowadays. I think because they want to be aware in the future that this person or these people hurt me in the past but you already forgive them. What do you think someone will says that?

People hurt other people whether intentionally or not . It's a fact of life. Grasping forces to hurt you to carry a load that your body, especially your heart, was not designed to handle the emotion. It robs you of energy that could be used for positive things such as consolidation of your relationship, you and your partner.

Forgiveness is a gift - no strings attached, regardless of whether the offender is remorseful or has remorse. This is not a validation of the action or to excuse the wrongdoer. It means a lot fully to understand what was injured and choose to free the offending person despite it. This is something you can do fully only through God, because He already did so freely to you.