Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flinstone 50th Anniversary! ♥

Yaba-Yaba dooo!! Flinstone 50th Anniversary! :D ♥ One of my favorite cartoon series, when I was a kid. I really love their Flinstone family. :)

Look! Google, reminds us about their anniversary. Thanks Google! :D

I also love their opening theme. Yaabah Yabaah doo! :D Enjoy! ♥

Monday, September 13, 2010

Grow Up (Are You?)

This is what you always said to your parents when you did something that they didn't like. "I'm already grown up!, I'm not a kid anymore!"

Yes. For you, you're not a "kid anymore" but for your parents you are always there baby in their eyes.

You will never be "Grow Up" attitude if you didn't know these:

Get organized!

Before you plan your year, the habit of planning their hours. To paraphrase essayist Annie Dillard, how we spend our minutes is really how we spend our lives. Living without a schedule is like going on a trip without a map. Unless you are very well end up in the middle of nowhere, you can not just go out and drive, taking the first round that suits you. Much of life is diminished by leisure time and the time lost because of laps down. Blink and you are at the midpoint of life, with less than half of the remaining tasks of his life marked. Now grab your pen and artist and get to it. Start by inking in an arrangement to…

Take charge of your health!

Your body is yours, not your mom. So why have their medical records and to choose their doctors? If you're still going to the same doctor who gave a pat on the back of your first breath, it's time to cut the cord. The body of a girl in growth is a complex and wonderful thing you need expert and tender care.

Get a driver's license!

You've seen the ads: the cars driven by concerns, young beauties cruising long, empty roads through fields and fantasy (which is what a street in Manila is free of traffic). Driving evokes feelings of freedom and reason. When handling the wheel, ie, when, where and how fast you go. If independence is not specified, then consider this: by car, by definition, means an "organized effort to achieve an end." The unit has to come from you. Ready to drive yourself to another important step towards maturity?

Open a Bank Account

You're a big girl now, your piggy bank is fine, if you're seven and your finances are round and bright, and expendable. Taking charge of your money makes you more aware of how their money is spent and how much they have saved, for the essential information when you are planning to purchase high priced below .

Eating in a fancy restaurant

Because you won’t be bistro business lunches at McDonald’s, and your banquet dates will eventually advance accomplished administration peanut-butter sandwiches by the sandbox, alive the art of accomplished dining is capital for growing up. Restaurant etiquette is just a Jazzed-up version of the rules of your mother drummed into her head at the dinner table-no elbows on the table, do not talk with your mouth full.

Pay your bills

Maybe Mom and Dad will not mind living at home rent-free when you're 30. Spenders-dependent than they are now, the harder it is to say goodbye to their spendthrift later when it's your account name on that credit card and your statement that it is dangerous to dance on the poverty line. Start small, and say to income "that would like to buy cell cards, or have a line of post-paid cell phone in your name. Taking responsibility has a cost, but learning to spend responsibly is priceless.

Back to poor purchase

Independent women apperceive what they appetite and how to get it. With the added money you adored by authoritative every acquirement count, A quick chat with the sales staff is all it takes to get the heads-up on the return policy of the store.

Buy your own food or basic commodities

Few of the new options that will with age are as much fun (and rich) as you will make in the supermarket. As a wife, mother, or single store-savvy girl, you have to think about budgets, its nutritive value, and if not gathered this week in the company.

Learn a new language

Learning a foreign language has many attractions. Language is the key to the many worlds out there for you to discover: hundreds of books you can read, people can connect, you can order food in fancy restaurants.


Free your mind, and the blow will follow. Even if you don’t accept the money or affectionate “Okay” to be absolutely absolute now, you’re never too adolescent to alpha cerebration independently.